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The Pick-me Bears Artist - Robena Duffy

Robena Duffy

Pick-me Bears Artist.

Robena was born in Northern Ireland and has been a bear fan for all of her life. She is currently living in Germany with her English husband.

The very first bear that I designed and created was a rather rough and scruffy version of the tiger "Hobbs" from the cartoon "Calvin and Hobbs". This was long before I even knew that a hobby, let alone a profession for bear artists existed! I remember feeling so proud of my achievement, but unfortunately I gave this bear away. Still, heaven only knows what it looks like now.

After a 3 year lapse, I picked the gauntlet up again when I was accompanying my fiancÚ (now husband), Andrew, on his secondment to Sydney, Australia. Out of frustration and boredom I decided to buy a book on Teddy bear making and my whole world changed. I joined a Teddy bear course that ran every Thursday morning in Baulkham Hills, Sydney, and I savoured these classes. I not only enjoyed the chat and company of some wonderful ladies but also gained some practical experience to boot!

However I wasn't quite contented. I remembered how satisfying it was to design, and create "Hobbs" from all those years ago and I thought I would give it another go. I have to say that my first few attempts needed a bit of work but they have all been steps to help me get to where I am today.

The Pick-Me Bear company consists of two people; me and my husband. I design and create the bears, write the poems and draw, whilst Andrew is the technical whiz, who jazzes up the website and edits my poems. A perfect partnership!

I hope you enjoy this insight into the land of Willmagoo!

Robena Duffy, April 2005.