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Mr & Mrs Snowman

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Mr & Mrs Snowman

One cold hard winter after quite a down-pour of snow the young cubs of Willmagoo decided to go out and play in the snow. After the usual snowball fights and rolling in the snow they decide to make a Mr and Mrs Snowman.
“Borrowing” their mums and dads hats and scarves they have dressed the snowmen up. With carrots for their noses and a few lumps of coal for their buttons the snowmen are complete.
Perhaps in the dead of night these two Willmagoo creations will come to life and explore the village in which they are!

White dense synthetic woven plush
Black shiny eyes
40mm + 30mm Lock nut joints
orange ultrasuede for nose
Brown ultrsasuede for arms
Black ultrasuede for coal buttons
Woollen scarf and hat

Mr Snowman
20cm standing (7.75")
30cm waist (11.5")
Weighs ~166g (5.75oz)

Mrs Snowman
18cm standing (7.5")
28cm waist (11")
Weighs ~122g (4.5oz)

Mr & Mrs Snowman come with the illustrated book
"The Story of the Pick-me Bear Tribe".

Mr & Mrs Snowman are a one of a kind.

Mr & Mrs Snowman can be sold separately for €50 each or as a pair for €90
To see shipping costs please go to order information

If you would like to purchase Mr & Mrs Snowman please send me an email using the "buy now" star and I will forward the appropriate paypal information to you.
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