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Pick-me Bears
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Pick-me Bears now on eBay

The Pick-me Bear Tribe - One Of A Kind

Our bronze range.
Willmagoo has many one of a kind bears just waiting for you!
Just click on a bear below for more pictures and stories about that bear!
Fondue Fawndougal Fondue Fawndougal
For Sale (80)
Henry Wissler Henry Wissler
For Sale (85)
Liliana Liliana
For Sale (85)
ariana Ariana
For Sale (85)
Mr & Mrs Snowman Mr & Mrs Snowman
For Sale.
Separately (50 each) or Together (90)
Father Christmas & Reindeers Father Christmas & Reindeers
For Sale (400)
Bobalicious Batroo Bobalicious Batroo
Snow-Bunny Snow-Bunny
For Sale (75)
Blauey Blauey
Sorry, not for sale
Miss Petula Pink Miss Petula Pink

Please note that the Pick-me Bear Tribe are hand made
collectable bears and as such are not suitable for children.