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Hairy Humpfrey Baloo

Hairy Humpfrey Baloo 01 Hairy Humpfrey Baloo 02 Hairy Humpfrey Baloo 03 Hairy Humpfrey Baloo 04 Hairy Humpfrey Baloo 05 Hairy Humpfrey Baloo Label
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Local Tricycle maker.*

Hairy Humpfrey Baloo, the youngest sibling of Bumbling Barry Baloo, was always the sporty one in the family. From an early age he badgered poor Mr and Mrs Baloo senior to get him a tricycle.
He loved it so much he was never seen without it. He refused to sit at the table at meal times and always had to eat his dinner on his beloved tricycle. So it was a natural progression for him to study and perfect the art of tricycle making.
Hairy Humpfrey Baloo, now makes the most desired and sought after tricycles in the land of Willmagoo. He makes his tricycles from the best wood, the ancient hickeldorf tree.
He can often be seen cycling around the villages showing off his latest designs.

Golden-green tipped black German Mohair with antique locks
Black shiny eyes
Cream coloured ultrasuede belly and paws
Lock nut joints
Armatures for posing
Sculpted paws

35cm standing (13.75")
24cm sitting (9.5")
29cm waist (11.5")
weighs ~500g (1lb 2oz)

Hairy Humpfrey Baloo comes with the illustrated book
"The Story of the Pick-me Bear Tribe".

Hairy Humpfrey is a limitied edition of 5
#02 is now for sale

Hairy Humpfrey is 180
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Enquiry: Hairy Humpfrey #02

*Please note that Hairy Humpfrey does not come with the Tricycle shown in the pictures.
The Tricycle is not a Pick-me Bear product.