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The Story of The Pick-me Bear Tribe

The Pick-me Bear Tribe are a very special group of bears who live in the Land of Willmagoo.
This is the story about how they got their tribe name.
This story is also available as a fully illustrated colour booklet, which comes with some of the bears in the tribe.


Once upon a time in the land of Willmagoo,
There lived a tribe of bears, who had nothing to do!
Oh, they fished for their salmon in the river nearby,
But never! Oh never, Hide & Seek did they try.
They sat in a circle, all the day long.
They sat and they waited, 'til the whole day was gone.
Then they sauntered off home to their cave for a kip.
Hoping tomorrow would be different to this!

Yellow Tailed Bunever Next morning, like clockwork, as the sun rose,
The tribe gathered round and stared at their toes.
Nothing's different. Nothing's changed! We're as bored as ever!
Why can't we have fun like the Yellow-Tailed Bunever?
It dips and it dives and it shows off its bill,
It splashes around and just can't sit still!
They sat and watched as the Bunever had fun,
They sat and stared 'til down was the sun.

And just as they were heading off home to their caves,
A large BANG resounded and startled their ears!
What could this be? Some excitement at last?
Surely not! It's over! The excitement has passed.
But there in the middle of the circle that was,
Stood a creature by the name of Grunolgerfuz.
Now Grunolgerfuz is a creature of old,
His gift is fun where there's none to be sold.

"Now gather all round" Grunolgerfuz said,
"I think that it's time for some fun and not bed!"
"I've sat here and watched you many a day,"
"I've sat here and counted all the things you could play."
"Five million, six thousand, five hundred and two,"
"That's how many games I've made up for you!"
"Now who is the leader? With him I must speak!"
"Who is the leader? There's much I've to teach!"

The bears looked around at each other to see,
Who was the leader. Who could it be?
They sat there and pondered, could it be me?
And all of a sudden Grunolgerfuz dashed,
Over to the river and made a big splash!
He splished and he splashed and he sang with great glee,
"If there's no leader, there's no games from me!"

"Someone must be in charge of this group."
"No wonder you sit around all day and just mope."
"Pick a leader! Choose someone. Anyone will do!"
"Choose the youngest! The oldest! Choose old Granny Magoo!"
So the bears, they looked at each other and shrugged.
"Pick me!" cried the youngest, "I like to be hugged!"
"Pick me!" yelled his brother and rubbed his big belly.
"Pick me!" yelled another, "I like to eat jelly!"

Well the bears, they looked at each other and laughed,
"Pick me!" they all cried, and did something daft.
They danced and they pranced and they chased and they ran.
They jumped and they jiggled. They splashed and they swam.
They sang and they cried "Pick me if you wish,"
"The group to have fun and live in fun bliss."

"We could play and sing all the day long,"
"If you just pick me, nothing will ever be wrong!"
This carried on. One day, then two.
Soon a month passed without a bear feeling blue.
So much fun they were having, they completely forgot,
About Grunolgerfuz and the leader that was not!
Old Grunie he smiled to himself as he thought,
Of all the fun to the tribe he had brought.

And to this day the Pick-me tribe is still there.
The most loveable, huggable, squeezable kind of bear!

Hickeldorf Tree Small Hickeldorf Tree 1 Bluebee Hickeldorf Tree 2

©Robena Duffy, October 2003.