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Lavender and Pink Sisters 01 Sisters 02 Pink and beige Sisters 03 Sisters 04 Burnt amber Sisters 05
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Sisterly Love.

The Sisters are a set of adorable, loving bears, who like to do girlie things together. You often find them somewhere together giggling and just having fun. Their fur is soft and cuddly. Their bright, colourful, noses reflect their vibrant personalities.
The sisters come in the following colours:
- lavender
- pink
- beige
- burnt amber
All combinations are available.

If you have a sister then im sure you treasure her and all her quirks as much as I do mine. The poem about the sisters is orginally based on my sister, however, it can be adapted to match your sister at an extra cost.

White backed German Mohair with either lavender/pink/beige or burnt amber tips
Ultrasuede paw pads in cream
Sculpted toes and paws
Lock nut joints

23cm standing (9")
17cm sitting (6.5")
14cm waist (5.5")

Do you have a sister?
I hope she's just like mine.
I wish I could just hug her
And tell her all the time!

We used to live together,
But now we are apart.
I need to tell her that I care,
She's always in my heart.

Do you have a sister?
I hope she’s just like mine.
She’s absolutely fabulous,
Or so she tells me all the time.

She drives her car like batman,
Zooming in and out of town.
I want to say she is the best
She wears the diva crown.
(if you would like to know more about this poem please send me an e-mail.)

The sisters are sold as a pair for €150
Please note that they are made to order so if you need them for a special occasion please contact me early. To see shipping costs please go to order information

order now

If you would like to purchase a set of the sisters please send me an email and I will forward on to you the appropriate paypal information.
Please enquire for further details.