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Bumbling Barry Baloo

Bumbling Barry Baloo 01 Bumbling Barry Baloo 02 Bumbling Barry Baloo 03 Bumbling Barry Baloo 04
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Resident Charmer and local repair man.

Bumbling Barry is the local charmer, abundant with charisma and allure. He enchants and beguiles all the women in the village and often raises a few eyebrows with his antics! Just like his poem says: "With a heart of gold, you get what you see; He's rough round the edges, and can sting like a bee". Bumbling Barry is extremely lovely and would make any cheeky women a proud owner!

Brown tipped light gold German Mohair with a black backing
Black shiny eyes
Chestnut rawhide paws
Lock nut joints
Armatures for posing
Sculpted paws
Willmagoo bush hat

35cm standing (13.75")
24cm sitting (9.5")
29cm waist (11.5")
weighs 450g ( 15.6oz)

Bumbling Barry with comes with his very own illustrated poem about himself. Here are the first few verses:

One fine sunny morning,
A smell of swee in the air,
Bumbling Barry awakes,
With a slight kink in his hair,

Mrs Baloo is ready,
She has it all done,
She's been cooking since 6,
Before up came the sun,

The coffee is brewing,
A good start to the day,
He wolfs down his bacon,
And eggs-scrambled with chay.

(if you are interested in knowing more of this poem before you purchase please send me an e-mail)

Bumbling Barry is a limited edition of 10
#03 is now for sale

Bumbling Barry Baloo is 225
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