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Henry Wissler

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Henry Wissler

Henry Wissler is the youngest child of Henrietta Wissler. He has always been in the shadow of his wacky sister Melissa Wissler, but being a relaxed and laid-back sort of bear it never really bothered him. As long as he had an ice cream in his paw at some point in the day everything was alright.

Having grown up tasting all the different types of ice-creams there was to offer in Willmagoo it made sense that he would become the taster of the famous Bearylicious Ice cream company. Nobody’s taste buds could compare! Be warned though, he can become quite feral if he doesn’t have an ice-cream each day!!

Mohair mit Ratinéewaves mit 14mm pile length
Glass black eyes
Lock nut joints
Fawn coloured ministoff
Felted strawberry ice cream

18cm sitting (7 inches)
25cm Belly (9.75inches)
~ 370g Weight (13oz)

Henry Wissler comes with the illustrated book

"The Story of the Pick-me Bear Tribe".

Henry Wissler is a one of a kind bear

Henry Wissler is €85
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To see shipping costs please go to order information

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